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Resident Evil Village File Size Revealed On Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store has revealed the file size for Resident Evil Village and it is almost twice the original file size of Resident Evil VII for PS4 and Xbox One.

Resident Evil Village is currently set to launch on May 7th. It is coming to both the last-generation and the current-generation consoles. It is being developed by Capcom who has also released a PS5 demo ahead of the launch of the game.

While the game is still far out, Microsoft Store has been updated to add a pre-load file size of the game. The listing of the game was updated to reflect these changes.

Resident Evil Village File Size

According to the listing on the official Microsoft Store, which is for the Xbox One and Xbox Series versions, the game has a file size of roughly 50.02 GB. This file size should also apply to the PS4 and PS5 going by the past trends, but the PC version is usually a different story. In this case, the Steam Store still doesn’t list any hardware requirements so the hard disk space needed to run the game on PC is nowhere to be found. Update: This file size is for the bundle that includes Village + Re: Verse. Separately, Resident Evil 8 is 35 GB while Re: Verse is 15 GB.

Just for comparison, the file size of Resident Evil VII at launch was roughly 20.21 GB on Xbox One and 20.7 GB on PS4. So just going by the file size, this is more than twice as large as its predecessor.

If you are interested in grabbing Resident Evil Village, the game can be pre-ordered on the PlayStation Store, Xbox Live, or Steam. It comes in three different editions. The game can also be pre-ordered on Amazon if you are looking for a physical copy.

It is worth noting that the Resident Evil 8 PS5 demo rendered at a native 4K resolution while running at 60 FPS but we don’t know the resolution of the final game. It will also support ray-tracing on the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles in addition to PC.

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