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Returnal Update 01.003.001 Is Out Now But What Does It Do

Housemarque has released a quick patch for Returnal today bumping the game to version 01.003.001. This patch is available now for the PS5.

This update has been released quickly since the game launched on April 30, or just last week. Housemarque had already shared a list of issues that they were investigating for the game, so it is possible that this patch resolves one of the issues that they had listed on their official discord channel.

Returnal Update 01.003.001 Patch Notes

There are no official patch notes available for this update from Housemarque, however, there are some reports that this has increased the frequency of the bug that was related to the doors not opening and players getting stuck in a room.

returnal update

The following list of issues was shared by Housemarque as being under investigation, so this patch could have solved them.

Permanent progress in the game includes (not limited to):
Permanent progress items such as utility equipment. Any picked up weapons and items go into the loot pool and can be encountered later.
Unlocked weapon upgrades can appear on weapons later.
Ether is kept between runs.
Keys to shortcuts in all biomes after defeating the boss.
After biome 3, proficiency starts at a higher level.

This is not the first update for the game. There was another patch that was released on launch that appears to deal with some of the bug fixes.

Returnal is available now exclusively for the PS5.

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