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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Now Renders at 4K and Runs at Flawless 60 FPS

Shadow of the Tomb Raider has been patched to run at a high resolution and frame rate on the PS5 recently, and analysis reveals this to be the case.

The new patch for Shadow of the Tomb Raider has made the game run at 60 FPS. This was only possible in the high-frame-rate mode previously which runs at 1080p resolution. After the update, the resolution has been bumped to a checkerboard 4K and now it is a pretty much locked 60 FPS save for some minor drops during cutscenes.

The analysis above shows that Shadow of the Tomb Raider holds a steady 60 FPS no matter what the condition is, although it can drop even if rarely. This proves that the new patch is quite effective in bringing this version of the game closer to its Xbox Series X counterpart.

When the game launched for the PS4, it supported a high-resolution mode with a 30 FPS limit on the PS4 Pro and a high-frame-rate mode that targeted 60 FPS. The high-frame-rate mode dropped the resolution to 1080p but with improved performance.

shadow of the tomb raider update

After the launch of the new generation of consoles, there was a new trilogy bundle but no update to the original game. This didn’t stop Microsoft from adding their own FPS Boost support to the game. It allowed the high-frame-rate mode on the Xbox Series X to run at 4K at 60 FPS, which was not possible on the PS5.

After the new patch, both of the current-generation consoles should be able to support 4K at 60 FPS.

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