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Shenmue 3 Launch Trailer Looks Back at The Long Wait For a Sequel

Shenmue 3 has received its launch trailer today. The game is just one week away from its official launch on PS4 and PC. It was developed by Ys Net.

Ys Net originally started Shenmue 3 as a project on Kickstarter which set a new crowdfunding record there. After the massive success of the Kickstarter that generated more than six million dollars, the game was all set to launch in 2017 but it faced multiple delays. The original deadline was pushed ahead to 2018 and then again to 2019.

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Shenmue fans have been waiting for a resolution to Ryo Hazuki’s storyline for almost 18 years by now and the launch trailer focuses on the long wait to get this sequel. It was developed thanks to the success of Kickstarter and with a backing of Koch Media and Deep Silver, who are the publisher for this game.

While the development of the game is not without issues, with criticism ranging from the visuals and lack of polish for the earlier gameplay builds to the lose of the Steam version, which was replaced with timed exclusivity for the Epic Games Store on PC. Despite all the hurdles along the way, it is now ready to launch on PC and PS4 on November 19.

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The game might not be out yet but it already has a day one patch. There was no announcement of the game going gold from the developers but it was rumored a while ago that the development work on it has finished. The launch trailer should make it clear if you had any doubt that the game is arriving on November 19 or its intended release date.

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