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Resident Evil 2 Is Getting a New Update or DLC As Achievement Spotted On Steam

Resident Evil 2 was updated on Steam recently to add a new achievement to the game. SteamDB has also revealed an upcoming update currently in development.

Resident Evil 2 was incredibly success for Capcom and it is now approaching 5 million copies sold within one year of its launch. The game was a remake of the PlayStation 2 original that shifted the camera perspective from a fixed to third-person view. It brought back Leon and Claire and it is set in Racoon City.

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While Capcom has only released one major content update for the game since its launch in January this year, they are apparently planning to update the game one more time, for some unknown new content update. This has coincided with the addition of a new achievement to the game on SteamDB.

resident evil 2 new update dlc

The new achievement seems to have multiple localized versions that are tied to a language, so right now there is not a lot to go on regarding the nature of this achievement. Capcom is also still working on an update for the game, at least on PC, which can be spotted by checking the update history of the game files on the Steam Database.

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It is possible that the update that is currently in development is for bug fixes, or it could be nothing. The same could be said for the achievement that has been added to the game on Steam, as it could be a glitch. Regardless, there are rumors about a potential Resident Evil 3 Remake and considering both of them might share assets and resources due to sharing in-game locations, maybe Capcom is gearing up for a new game announcement. This was also rumored back at E3 2019.

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