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Xbox One Has Reportedly Shipped 46.9 Million Units Worldwide

According to a report from IDC Analysts, Microsoft’s Xbox One has now shipped a total of 46.9 million units worldwide after five years on market.

Microsoft had a rough start with its first console in the competitive market that was dominated by Sony and Nintendo with Sega struggling to hold on their own. They were able to manage the losses from the first Xbox and successfully transitioned into the second generation of the console with Xbox 360. Not only did it manage to outsell the PS3 for several years after its launch, but it is also one of the most successful consoles sold by Microsoft with more than 80 million units shipped worldwide.

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They again fumbled out of the gate with the Xbox One which did great in North America but failed to catch on with the success of the PS4 in the rest of the world. As a result, PS4 has now sold through 100 million units worldwide, while the latest sales result as per IDC Analysts, which was seen in a CNBC documentary on Xbox’s failure in Japan, has given a figure of 46.9 million units for the Xbox One worldwide sales as of Q2, 2019.

Xbox One sales will be soon eclipsed by the Nintendo Switch, which is also having its own massive success. Nintendo did fail with their last console, Nintendo Wii U, but they have managed to bounce back again with the Nintendo Switch which has now shipped more than 40 million units worldwide. It was bolstered by the success of the Nintendo Switch Lite and a higher capacity battery model of the regular Nintendo Switch.

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Microsoft has already begun their plans for transitioning into the next-generation beginning with the Xbox Scarlett in Holiday 2020 that will launch with Halo Infinite. Sony is also ready to launch in late 2020 with its PlayStation 5. It will be interesting to see which console sells the best in the coming generation, but Nintendo might not be the one to jump so fast to the next generation as they still have a lot to do with the current Nintendo Switch.

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