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Shenmue III Update 1.03 Released, Physical Backers Reward Detailed

Developer Ys Net has released Shenmue III update 1.03 today. They have also released the timeline for Kickstarter’s physical backer rewards.

Shenmue III originated as a Kickstarter project and created a record as the most crowd-funded video game on Kickstarter. It managed to raise more than five million through Kickstarter and later had publisher Deep Silver involved as well.

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Shenmue III has received two post-launch updates that deal with bug fixes or support for additional content. Ys Net has released Shenmue III update 1.03 which is available now for PC and PS4. The download size of this patch is under 500 MB on PC and over 1 GB on the PS4.

Ys Net hasn’t shared any details on what this patch will implement in the game itself. The only information that is confirmed is that it is for “content fixes” which seems to imply additional post-launch content. In a previous update, the patch notes mentioned adding “settings for applying DLCs” which could be linked to this update.

In addition, to release a new patch for the game, there was an update on the Kickstarter page revealing the timeline for physical backer rewards.

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The gist of this update is that most of the backer rewards should be shipped by March 2020, so if you haven’t received yours, check the Kickstarter page to see which ones are still left. Those who wanted to get a physical copy of the PC version have to wait until February 2020 when this reward is expected to ship worldwide.

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