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Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Twitter Account Is Sharing All Types of Crazy Tweets

Sonic the Hedgehog movie was recently in the spotlight after its official poster was revealed. This was followed by a leak of the movie poster that further added fuel to the fire. Now the social media account has started to become self-aware.

Sonic the Hedgehog movie twitter account has started to get active as the promotion for the film slowly ramps up leading to its eventual launch in November 2019. The movie will star James Marsden and Jim Carrey as two of the lead characters. The voice of Sonic will be done by Ben Schwartz. This is going to be the second major movie based on a video game from Hollywood in 2019 after Detective Pikachu.

The official social media account first shared a tweet that poked fun at the legs of Sonic. It was talking about the poster reveal that didn’t show anything aside from the legs of Sonic on a bridge. While this was not the official version of the poster, it was sent to various movie theatres.

If you open the Twitter account, you will see it retweeting and sharing all types of fan-made content that pokes fun at the marketing and promotional material for the movie.

The official poster simply shows a silhouette for Sonic the Hedgehog but it does give us the first hint at the tagline for the movie which is “Welcome to a new world of Speed.”

Sonic the Hedgehog movie still hasn’t received a trailer or the design of the character has been properly leaked, although there were some early prototype designs. The movie is set to drop in theatres on November 8th, 2019.

Salal Awan

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