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Square Enix Has Postponed Some of Their Planned Games To 2022/23 Due To COVID-19

Square Enix has recently shared their fiscal year results amidst major losses and confirmed that some of their planned games are postponed to 2022 and beyond.

While Square Enix hadn’t announced any major upcoming games, they had revealed several of them for release in the coming years. One of the biggest releases is Final Fantasy XVI, which was confirmed to be a PS5 exclusive. It was supposed to be quite far in development and would be released soon as per a report, but that might not be the case anymore based on the recent comments made by Square Enix.

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After announcing their fiscal results, they also shared a comment in the fiscal briefing on how COVID-19 has affected the development of several of their games. They haven’t set a forecast due to various factors including COVID-19.

One of the highlights mentions “Impact on the development timelines for our new titles owing to disruptions to the work of outsourcers that we contract for a portion of our development efforts.” This has led to Square Enix “Revisiting our development timelines led to the postponement of some launches into FY2022/3 or later.”

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Some of the upcoming games by Square Enix are Nier Replicant, Outriders, Bravely Default 2, and Final Fantasy XVI. They are also working on an expansion for Final Fantasy XIV and the sequel to the smash-hit Final Fantasy VII Remake. Judging from the comments shared by Square Enix, it is safe to assume that some of these games are not going to launch in 2021.

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