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State of Play PlayStation Direct May 9: Watch It Live Here

Sony has announced a new State of Play for May 9, which is their PlayStation Direct that shows existing projects along with new ones. Here’s how you can watch it all live.

State of Play was a new initiative that was announced by Sony ahead of the upcoming E3. It was meant to bridge the gaps between new game announcements, big events, and also give fans a much closer look at what Sony is working on for their platforms. The format is quite similar to how Nintendo Direct has worked so far, even taking inspiration with the way it presents each new snippet for a game or project.

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For the upcoming online event, Sony has confirmed in a blog post that they will show more of MediEvil remake and a new game. They also tease some announcements for it but the runtime is just 10 minutes, so there might not be enough here. It is best to keep the expectations in check for this upcoming event.

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How To Watch State of Play May 9 Livestream?

The event will be live streamed online on Thursday, May 9 at 3:00 pm Pacific Time. Here’s how you can watch the State of Play event online.

  1. YouTube Livestream
  2. Twitch Livestream
  3. Twitter
  4. Facebook

Sony also told fans to lower expectations as they are not going to announce any of their next-generation projects in this State of Play. They have Episode 3 planned for later this year where they are going to share more information.

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