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Stellar Blade Content Road Map & Photo Mode Release Window Revealed

The content road map and release window for the upcoming photo mode in Sony Interactive Entertainment and Shift Up’s action adventure game, Stellar Blade, have been revealed.

During the IPO press conference (via) held today on June 25, 2024, Jae-Woo Ahn, CFO of Shift Up, announced that the content road map for Stellar Blade. He mentioned that the upcoming photo mode will be made added to the game sometime during the month of August, 2024. In addition, new character skins will be released sometime after October, 2024, and a major collaboration is planned for the end of the year. Development on additional DLC and a sequel are planned to happen in the subsequent future.

Stellar blade road map

The development team at Shift Up has been aware that the community is looking forward to the availability of a photo mode in Stellar Blade. During a recent interviewShift Up CEO Hyung-Tae Kim had said that the development team is interested in implementing the feature. However, the studio wants it to be done right, which will require a little more time. The team is looking into making the mode feature-rich.

During the same press conference, the Shift Up CFO also revealed that sales of Stellar Blade have now surpassed 1 million copies based on the company’s estimates. The game’s sales performance will be accounted for starting from the second quarter of 2024. Shift Up’s securities report indicates that the game’s revenue reached 6.3 billion South Korean Won in April, 2024, and 15.7 billion Won in May, 2024. This figure only includes the numbers settled by the publisher, Sony Interactive Entertainment. Ahn stated that Stellar Blade has performed well, both in terms of pre-release and post-release sales. Regarding the game’s development, Hyung-Tae Kim explained that the primary goal was to create a high-value IP to attract a global user base and establish a fan base, rather than maximizing profit.

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