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Stray: How To Find All Badges

Finding all badges in Stray can be a lengthy process, and if you’re on the hunt for all of them, continue reading to find out how to acquire each one.

Completionists will undoubtedly want to get all 6 of the badges that are available in Stray. It can be a time consuming task, and it is, therefore, recommended that players do this during a playthrough separate from the 2 hour speed run, which is also a requirement for the Platinum trophy on PS4/PS5 or unlocking all of the achievements on Steam.

How To Find All Badges In Stray

Here’s how to find each of the 6 badges in Stray.

Badge # 1: Music Badge (Chapter 4)


Stray badges

The first badge can only be acquired by first getting all the music sheets found in Chapter 4. Follow the guide here in order to find out how to collect all music sheets. Once you have all of them, head down the staircase in the Slums leading to the street musician known as Morusque. Here, turn in each music sheet to Morusque one by one, and you’ll get the music badge in return. The Meowlody trophy/achievement should also unlock once the music badge is in your possession.

Badge # 2: Outsider Badge (Chapter 7)

Stray badges

The second badge is handed to you automatically in Chapter 7. It can’t be missed, as it is handed over to you by Seamus during your conversation with him when he opens the door for you at the beginning of the chapter.

Badge # 3: Plant Badge (Chapter 9)

Stray badges

To unlock the third badge, you must locate a red, purple, and yellow colored plant each and present them to Malo upstairs in Chapter 9. The Purple Plant is to the right of the second memory on the tree branch. Hop into the bucket behind the Mahjong players to reach the area below, where you’ll find the Red Plant located close to two robots. Meanwhile, returning to the floor where Zbaltazar was and finding the restaurant there will lead you to the Yellow Plant. To find it, climb along the wall or pipe behind the restaurant. To find Malo, ascend the ladder to the floor above from the restaurant, and then use a pipe on a wall to ascend another floor. There, you’ll find Malo to the left carrying a watering pot. Hand over the 3 plants to Malo in order to receive the plant badge.

Badge # 4: Cat Badge (Chapter 10)

Stray badges

In Chapter 10, from the front of the elevator, head up the stairs to enter Midtown area that is has many shops and neon signs. Jump through the window of the second shop (yellow in color) on the right. Head to the back of the shop and climb the shelves on the right. Open the safe up ahead using the code ‘8542’ to get the cat badge from inside it.

Badge # 5: Police Badge (Chapter 10)

Stray badges

In Chapter 10, there’s a large holographic robot is just across from the restaurant; descend the steps behind it and enter the first alley on the right, between the two yellow-lit shops. Jump over the little structure to the right, then climb up the rooftops and air vents until you reach a window with metal bars at the top of the alley. Jump through the window to reach the location of the police badge. Grab it from the dead robot in the prison cell.

Badge # 6: Neco Badge (Chapter 10)

Stray badges

The final badge in Chapter 10 is inside the factory. After slipping past the first three Sentinel drones in the Factory, you’ll find a worker robot on the right, perched on a railing. He’ll ask you to locate his keys, which is what you must do in order to get the badge. Jump across the beam to the drone’s left, then turn the switch and enter the next area. Hide behind the moving boxes until you reach the end of the corridor on the left. Jump on the closest floating barrel here, and then jump across the barrels on the right. The keys are located on the barrel at the far right corner. Once you have the keys, hop across the barrels to the area ahead and hop on the switch to open the door to on the left. It will lead you back to the worker robot, and you can now hand him over the keys to get the neco badge.

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