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The Last Of Us Part 1 PS5 Resolution, Frame Rate, Gameplay Improvements Leaked

The target frame rate, resolution, and gameplay improvements for the PS5 version of The Last of Us Part 1 have been leaked via a source, who has also shared a new graphical comparison between the remake and the original.

The source also revealed a graphical comparison between cutscene footage from the original and the remake, which can be seen in the image below.

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Resolution, Frame Rate, VRR Options In TLOU Part 1 On PS5

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Based on the leaked details, The Last of Us Part 1 on PS5 will give players the option to choose between 4 different graphical profiles. One of these settings will favor a higher resolution at a lower refresh rate, while another one will make compromises on resolution in order to deliver a higher frame rate.

  • Fidelity Mode: in this mode, the game will run at a native 4K resolution and  target a frame rate of 30fps.
  • Performance Mode: those who’d prefer better performance can switch to this mode, which targets a frame rate of 60fps along with a dynamic internal resolution upscaled to 4K.
  • Fidelity Mode + 120Hz Display: this mode will only be supported on 120Hz displays, and it will offer the middle ground between the Graphics and Performance modes by targeting a frame rate of 40fps along with native 4K.
  • Unlocked Frame Rate Performance Mode: this mode will only be available on displays that support 120Hz output, and will be best experienced with Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) enabled. It will run the game at a dynamic resolution, with an unlocked frame rate that goes beyond 60fps and targets 120fps. VRR will allow the display to sync its refresh rate with the game’s frame rate, eliminating the presence of visual judder and screen tearing.

Gameplay Improvements In The Last Of Us Part 1 On PS5

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According to the leaker, The Last of Us Part I remake brings no meaningful improvements in the gameplay department. The minor ones that are present come in the form of improved animations and audio. It’s likely that Naughty Dog has brought over the Motion Matching animation system that it originally incorporated in The Last of Us Part II to the remake of the first game. Additionally, you’ll now see animations of Joel adding attachments to his weapons whenever he upgrades them at a workbench, much like in Part 2.

Similarly, the improvements made to the audio design of Part 2 may have been implemented in The Last of Us Part I, and further enhanced with the 3D audio capabilities of the PS5.

Accessibility Settings in The Last Of Us Part 1

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The leaker claims that The Last of Us Part 1 on PS5 will feature an array of new accessibility options as seen in The Last of Us Part 2. However, these new settings have yet to be detailed.

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