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The Great Ace Attorney Collection Rated In Taiwan For PC, Switch, and PS4 But Not Xbox One

The Great Ace Attorney Collection has been rated on PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch in Taiwan but there is no sign of an Xbox One version.

These games were based on the Phoenix Wright series and acted as a spin-off that was also a prequel. The first game was released exclusively in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS in 2015 and it was followed by a sequel in 2017. There was no localization released for these games so far but the game was ported to Android and iOS back in 2017.

While there was no official English version of the game, fans had managed to translate the first The Great Ace Attorney game on their own and released a translation patch for the Nintendo 3DS version.

the great ace attorney collection

We already knew about this collection thanks to the mega Capcom leaks that revealed most of their upcoming schedule, and this has been confirmed through the Taiwan Game Rating Board that has listed this new collection for PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

The rating board has listed this collection as The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles. While there is no rating for the Xbox One version, this is for the Asian market and it is possible that when it comes to the Western release, the game might release for the Xbox One after all the original Ace Attorney Collection did eventually get a release for the Xbox One.

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