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The King of Fighters XV Supports Ray-Tracing For Reflections On PC and PS5

The King of Fighters XV is available for Xbox Series, PC, and PS5 in addition to the PS4. The game supports ray-tracing for reflections.

In a new interview that was published in the latest edition of Famitsu (via), the developers had shared more details on the game including the number of people in the development team, and more.

While this might seem like a large number, apparently 400 developers worked on King of Fighters XV. After the launch of King of Fighters XIV on PS4, they had built a fanbase on Sony’s console which prompted them to get a sequel out quickly when the PS4 was still going strong.

“Development was decided when XIV development was finished. Thanks to XIV, we have a fan base on PS4, so our plan was to release the game while PS4 was still going strong, ” said one of the devs.

They mention how Unreal Engine makes it easier to develop for multiple platforms. They do talk about how multiplayer functionality is the biggest challenge in this case. They want tournaments to use the PS4 as the base for player matches.

They also talk about the character lineup, which was decided with North American fans in mind. They have already decided on the characters to bring for Season Pass 2.

In order to get the game running on the PS4, they had to reduce the number of spectators in stages. They do offer ray-tracing support for reflections on the PS5 and PC. While the developers didn’t mention Xbox Series X here, it might be possible that ray-tracing is supported on it too.

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