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Elden Ring Review Embargo Details Revealed

Elden Ring is out on February 25. It is one of the most anticipated games of this year. Here’s when the review embargo will drop for Elden Ring.

Bandai Namco has started to give out codes for Elden Ring according to reports. The game is launching on February 25 but the review embargo is set to drop at least two days early, on February 23 at 7:00 AM PST. The gameplay and stream embargo is set for February 24 at 7:00 AM PST.

If you are waiting for the first review of Elden Ring, it won’t arrive until February 23, but it is always possible that a press outlet or a magazine gets a review out before then. Sometimes there are early copies of the game out in the wild, while in some rare cases, the review is published in a print magazine and due to deadlines, it might go online early after the magazine is out.

Elden Ring is one of the most anticipated games since it is the first major From Software IP this generation, and it is releasing after almost two years since their last game, which was Sekio: Shadows Die Twice. It is also their most ambitious project yet with an open-world structure that breaks the norm from what they have been traditionally doing so far.

The game will be available to play on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.

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