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Elden Ring Pre-Load Is Now Live, File Size and Download Details

Elden Ring pre-load is now live for Xbox One and Xbox Series users. Here’s when you can pre-load the game on PC, PS4, and PS5.

Elden Ring will be out on February 25, but the pre-load will be up before the release date just like the review embargo. The game is already available to pre-load on the Xbox Store, but this is usually the norm for the Microsoft Store. However, Steam and PS4, PS5 users have to wait a while before they can download the full game.

When Can You Pre-Load Elden Ring

On the Xbox One and Xbox Series, you can just start the pre-load. The game can be downloaded now by first pre-ordering it, and then getting it through your library. The pre-load will download an early copy but the full game won’t unlock until February 24.

As for the PS4 and PS5 pre-load for Elden Ring, it will go live on February 23, or almost two days before the launch of the game. The PC version is unfortunately even later and usually goes live just before the launch of the game.

So what is the download size of Elden Ring? It was revealed to be around 44 GB but that was without the day one patch. The download size is around 49 GB on Xbox One and Xbox Series but this also includes the day one patch since update 1.01 has gone live. There might be a few more patches in the lead-up to the launch since this is the norm these days.

Elden Ring PC version system requirements list 60 GB of hard disk space as the minimum, so its download size will likely remain the same as well.

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