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The Outer Worlds Supports Xbox One X Enhancements But Not PS4 Pro

The Outer Worlds is an upcoming open-world RPG from Obsidian Entertainment. It will support Xbox One X but not offer any enhancements for PS4 Pro.

Obsidian Entertainment was bought by Microsoft but despite that, they are still going on with their original plan of releasing The Outer Worlds not just on the PS4 but also Nintendo Switch. It was already confirmed to launch for PC and Xbox One.

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Windows Central is reporting that the game won’t offer any enhancements for Sony’s mid-gen upgrade, PS4 Pro. It will support the Xbox One X with various improvements compared to the regular Xbox One and PS4. The statement given to the website was that the game will be “4K on Xbox One, no enhancements for PS4 Pro.”

While Obsidian Entertainment was bought by Microsoft and now they are essentially a first-party studio, The Outer Worlds is a third-party game because the publisher is not Microsoft but Private Division.

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Microsoft has shown that they are quite open to bringing their games to other platforms now including Steam and Nintendo Switch. This doesn’t seem to extend to the PS4 which is traditionally considered as a rival and competitor to Microsoft’s Xbox One. The Outer Worlds is also launching for the PS4 but there is a lack of support for the PS4 Pro which might disappoint some of the fans.

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