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Ubisoft Reportedly Thwarted A Major Hack That Could Have Led To 900GB Of Stolen Data

Ubisoft has recently prevented a major hack from happening, which could have resulted in 900GB of stolen data, based on the latest report.

Twitter/X user vxunderground has reported that an unknown Threat Actor had compromised Ubisoft via a hack on December 20, 2023. The individual had access to the company’s servers for roughly 48 hours until administration realized something was off and access was swiftly revoked. The hacker had aimed to exfiltrate roughly 900GB of data, but lost access before being able to do so.

Ubisoft hack

According to the Twitter/X user, the Threat Actor did not share how they got initial access to Ubisoft servers. Upon entry, they audited access rights and spent time thoroughly reviewing Microsoft Teams, Confluence, and SharePoint. They attempted to exfiltrate Rainbow Six Siege user data, but their plans were ultimately thwarted by Ubisoft.

While Ubisoft was able to tackle the hacker in time to prevent any theft of data, Insomniac Games was unfortunately not as lucky. The Sony Interactive Entertainment owned studio was recently hit by a ransomware attack that led to the theft of nearly 2 terabytes of data, including confidential documents and details regarding the studio’s upcoming titles.

The leak included Insomniac Games’ future roadmap, test footage, concept art, as well as story and cast details for Marvel’s Wolverine. According to the leaked documents, the game will be set in Alaska, Avalon, Canada, Japan, and Madripoor. The game begins with an introductory cinematic, after which Logan will find himself in a cabin. Multiple items must be interacted with before he can leave the cabin: claw marks, fire, mallet, radio, papers, cooler. Walter will greet him outside the cabin, and they’ll go through a walking segment. Logan will then be taught to parkour and do other traversal mechanics by completing a small course along the mountainside. Walter and Logan will reach a small hunting site and Walter will instruct Logan to hunt a caribou. This is when Logan will further be taught to use his Senses to follow glowing gold hoof prints in the snow.

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