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Wasteland 3 Update 1.06 Released, Here Are The Patch Notes

Inxile Entertainment has updated Wasteland 3 to version 1.06. This update is available now for PS4 and Xbox One. Here are the patch notes.

While there are no official patch notes available for this update, Inxile Entertainment was working on a list of bug fixes for the game. These issues were the highest-priority and were supposed to get fixed with future updates.

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Here is the list of some of the possible major issues that have been fixed with the new update.

Wasteland 3 Update 1.06 Patch Notes

Xbox One & PlayStation 4

  • We’re aware of some crashes and unresponsive actions on consoles.
  • This is our highest priority and initial patches are in the final stages of testing now.
  • Viewing the control map can crash the game for some users.
  • Brightness settings cannot be adjusted again beyond first start up.

Co-op Mode

  • Quest and character progression can reset at seemingly random times while playing in co-op.
    • Workaround: We’ve found disabling auto-saves can reduce or remove risk of this occurring (please be sure to save manually). We have a fix in the works and are looking to deploy it this week.
  • While loading into a game or new zone in co-op the client and host can become stuck at 33%
  • Workarounds:
    • Disabling auto-saves on both client and host machines can resolve this issue for some users.
    • We’ve seen some players find success when loading into a zone in single player, saving, and then loading that save in a co-op session. We’re still investigating this issue.
  • If a Guest leaves a co-op lobby, they won’t be able to rejoin until the Host recreates it.
  • We’re aware of some users who are unable to join each other’s co-op games. We believe this may be due to network settings and antivirus/firewall settings, but we’re continuing to troubleshoot.
  • Once a player has seen the intro cutscene, it will not be played again until the game session has been restarted.
    • Workaround: Players are encouraged to restart the game session before moving from single-player to co-op mode.

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Wasteland 3 was released on August 28 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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