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Watch Dogs Legion Has a Game Breaking Save Bug On Xbox That Won’t Be Fixed Soon

Watch Dogs Legion on Xbox One and Xbox Series has a major issue with progress not saving and according to Ubisoft, it won’t be fixed anytime soon.

In a huge thread on the Ubisoft support forum, there have been multiple reports of users that are playing the game on Xbox consoles and reporting that they are not getting their progress saved in the game.

“Hey, I recently went from my Xbox one (which was crashing every 30 seconds) to the series x, now the game plays fine but every time I exit the game it doesn’t save my progress so I’m constantly repeating the same missions? ” reads a comment from the thread creator.

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Checking out other replies in the thread, there is a large number of users who are facing the same issues on their Xbox consoles, from Series X to One S. Similar sentiments are echoed on the game’s subreddit.

watch dogs legion bug xbox

This glitch is also affecting PC users but at least there is a temporary solution for their problem. In the case of the Xbox users, they have to wait a while because this bug is not going to get patched anytime soon.

According to a tweet by the official Watch Dogs Legion account, the developers are currently working on a fix which they are aiming to get out in early December. “We’re sorry about the issues you’re experiencing. The team is aware of this issue and are working on a fix for it, which we’re aiming to have in a patch in early December.”

This means that in its current state, the game is broken or unplayable for quite a large number of people. Some might be lucky and won’t’ encounter this issue at all, but those who do will have to deal with the frustration for a while now.

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