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Here’s What Is Included In Godfall Challenger Edition

Godfall Challenger Edition is a brand new version of the game that is getting released for free on PlayStation Plus and Epic Games Store.

You might be wondering what exactly is being offered in this new edition of Godfall. Here’s a simple guide that lets you know everything about it.

Does Godfall Challenger Edition Include Story or Campaign?

No, there is no campaign or story mode included in the Godfall Challenger Ed. You only get access to the endgame content and can through a new set of challenges and trials in co-op. You also get powered up with a level boost for the challenger edition so you can cut through the tough boss fights with ease.

What Is Included In Godfall Challenger Edition?

  • Endgame content
  • Co-op multiplayer
  • Ability to customize and tweak builds
  • Boost to level 50
  • New quests that offer rewards
  • Loot that is specific to each target based on the quest you complete
  • Several quality-of-life enhancements

What Is Not Included In Godfall Challenger Edition

  • Story Missions
  • Hunts
  • Explore the Realm activities

You can read more on this new edition of Godfall from the official website. But the gist of this is that you lose every single-player content that was offered in the full game of Godfall. You instead gain access to a set of challenging endgame content including trials. You can take these challenges alone or in a co-op with a friend.

How To Upgrade To The Full Godfall Version From Challenger Edition

You can purchase the Deluxe version of the game to gain access to the full version. You will also get your hands on the Fire and Darkness expansion along with the base game content.

The game is available now on PC, PS4, and PS5. It can be bought on the Epic Games Store. You can pick the new edition of Godfall from PS Plus or Epic Games Store for free starting December 7th.

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