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World War Z: Tokyo Mission and Enemy Zombie Type Is Out “Very Soon”

World War Z developers are promising the release of a new update to the game that will add a new Tokyo mission and enemy zombie type to the game. This update is apparently coming “very soon” as shared by the developers.

World War Z is an online co-op third-person shooter that is based on the movie of the same name. The game had a rough launch but managed to achieve success and has sold more than one million copies across the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The developers are continuing to support it with post-launch content updates.

Earlier this month, the developer of the game, Saber Interactive, announced that they will be releasing a new mission, enemy type, difficulty level, and other free content as part of an upcoming roadmap for May, June, and July.

The first of this update is coming very soon as shared by the developers in a tweet. This update will contain a new Tokyo mission and zombie enemy type. This is likely going to be a part of World War Z update 1.04 which will be out sometime later this month.

In addition to releasing free content, the developers are also working on fixing any potential bugs with the game so you can expect to see bug fixes be a part of this upcoming World War Z update 1.04, although there is currently no release date given for it. The game is currently available for the PC through the Epic Games Store, PS4, and Xbox One. Focus Home Interactive is the publisher while Saber Interactive is the main developer behind this multiplayer shooter.

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