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New Xbox One Feature Allows To Download Games Without Purchasing Them

Microsoft has added a new feature for Xbox One users that will allow them to download and install a game even if they haven’t purchased it yet.

Microsoft is rolling out a new feature for some Xbox One Insiders that allows us to download a game and install it on Xbox One even if it is not purchased yet. This should make it easier to pre-load games, both retail and digital, before purchasing a copy. The pre-load of the game is usually tied to the release date for PS4, but it can go up earlier for the Xbox One.

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Details of this feature were shared by multiple Twitter users. Jerko Cilas, who is one of the Xbox Insiders, also demonstrated it in action. He was able to use this feature on the beta version of the new Xbox App on Android.

xbox one download games

To demonstrate how it works, the user showed how he accessed the Xbox Store on his phone using the new beta version of the Xbox Android App and searched for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. He was able to download and install the game although he likely doesn’t have the ability to play it yet. This will be only possible once he purchases the game and when the release date unlocks the launch of the game itself.

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As game file sizes are increasing, so is the update size of the games. As a result, even if a retail copy is purchased, it is usually held back if there is a sizeable chunk of update that needs to be installed first. This new initiative should help resolve the issue of download updates on day one, even if the user hasn’t purchased the game yet.

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