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Xbox One Suffers a Major Leak With Private Keys and Source Code of OG Xbox Emulator

Xbox One was one of the most secure systems when it comes to console security, however, it might not last now after a breach of its private keys.

PokeProtos is a Twitter account dedicated to covering the major leaks that are posted around the world. Details on the Capcom, Nintendo, and Crytek leaks have been posted to the PokeProtos account.

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The most recent leak, according to the Twitter account, is for Xbox One. The last generation was one of the most secure ones when it comes to the security of home consoles, and especially the Xbox One. One of the reasons why this was the case was because Microsoft had already removed any incentive to hack the console by offering a developer mode on all consoles. This basically allowed developers to run any homebrew that they wanted on the console itself and required a minimum fee of $20 to register a developer account.

xbox one hacked

According to PokeProtos, the latest leak is for Xbox One private keys and the source code of the internal OG Xbox emulator that runs on the Xbox One. This shouldn’t be confused with an official emulator for the OG Xbox, but rather this source code is for XB1 bootrom to run OG Xbox games.

Update: Further details on this leak have surfaced confirming that this contains encryption keys for both Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and this also includes internal tools related to mastering and burning discs.

As for what this leak signifies, it is still early to determine the nature of this leak and we have to wait for further confirmation, but if the private keys are indeed leaked then, in theory, it basically allows the developer to sign any homebrew with them and run it on the XB1 without the need of any developer mode. In other words, if this leak is confirmed in the coming days, it is theoretically equivalent to the console getting hacked and be able to run any unsigned code (homebrew) on it.

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