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Xbox Series X Allows Users To Delete Specific Parts of a Game

As the next-generation consoles transition to SSD, storage will become important due to size limitations. This has led to a new solution on Xbox Series X.

In a podcast hosted by Larry Hyrb, better known by his nickname Major Nelson, had an interview with Jason Ronald, the partner director of program management at Xbox.

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We learn important new information in this interview that confirms that even if the storage space is limited, Xbox Series X or S will make it easier for users to reduce free space by giving the players multiple choices.

xbox series x storage space

“Even beyond the hardware, we’ve actually made user interface improvements to make it easier for you to manage your storage,” said Ronald. “As an example, one of the new features we’re adding is actually for, if a title chooses to support it, the ability to selectively uninstall different components of the game.”

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This concept has been partially used in the current-generation consoles with the support of downloading or deleting just the multiplayer mode based on how the player approaches the game. If they wanted to play multiplayer, they could delete the single-player campaign and just focus n the multiplayer.

Given that there are rumors about the file size of some of the next-generation games, this storage size looks it is on the low-end of the scale. It can get incredibly expensive to buy an expansion drive for the Xbox Series X or S, and in the case of S, there is even less usable space available with the size dropping from 1 TB to half of that on the Series S.

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