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Anthem Is Coming To EA and Origin Access Right Now

EA has confirmed that their critically panned brand new IP, Anthem will be heading to Origin and EA Access, which is a subscription service offering EA published games.

Anthem launched to a lot of hype but that was soon turned down after the game proved to be a big failure. It didn’t manage to deliver on its initial promise and hype and the claims of a downgrade were obvious and put up by almost everyone. As a result, the critics weren’t easy on it either and gave the game a fair bashing. It is one of the most critically panned games in recent times developed by Bioware.

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Anthem was always expected to end up dropping on EA or Origin Access and this has been confirmed today. According to the official announcement shared by EA, the game will be coming to the service today. It is a surprise announcement which many fans had expected but it has happened rather soon.

The game launched back in February and failed to meet the expectation of EA. It has been almost six months and now it is coming to Origin and EA Access. Anthem will be available to all the subscribers of EA and Origin Access. This subscription is available for Xbox One and PC and had recently launched for the PS4 as well.

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Anthem launched for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It was released on February 22, 2019, and developed by Bioware.

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