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Bethesda Official Survey Asks How Much Time The User Spends “Creating Spaceships”

Bethesda Softworks has an official survey on their website and one of the questions appears to suggest that it might be related to the upcoming Starfield.

There have been quite a few rumors regarding Starfield. The most recent one is that Microsoft has purchased ad time for the game and might have an announcement for it this Summer. Starfield has also been speculated to launch in 2021 but that could change with COVID-19 impacting the development of the game.

In a new update that comes directly from Bethesda, their official survey that is accessible on Bethesda’s website has a question that suggests that we might be creating our own spaceships in Starfield.

The question is as follows: “I spend a lot of time creating my character, home, or spaceships.” The answer simply offers a range from “does not apply at all” to “applies a great deal”.

The link to the survey can be found on the website. To access the survey yourself, go to the dashboard on the Bethesda website and click on feedback followed by a survey on the lower right side of the screen. The survey might be available in selected regions only.

In Fallout 4, players were able to create and customize their own characters as well as build bases for themselves. Bethesda might be looking into allowing players to customize their own spaceships for the upcoming Starfield, but this is speculation for now based on the official survey as we haven’t seen single footage of gameplay, or heard any update on the project since E3 2018.

Ali Haider

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