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Borderlands 3 Pre-Load Won’t Be Available On Epic Games Store

Borderlands 3 fans who were hoping to see the game getting a preload at Epic Games Store will be disappointed to find out the lack of it on PC.

Borderlands 3 is one of the Epic Games Store exclusives on PC. It will be exclusive to the store for one year and the game is set to arrive on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on September 13, 2019. As fans were looking forward to getting their hands on it, Epic Games Store CEO Tim Sweeney has confirmed that there won’t be any pre-load available for it.

borderlands 3 pre-load

In a tweet to fan asking about the date when Borderlands 3 will be available to pre-load, he replied back that “we won’t have support for preloading in the Borderlands release timeframe,” when referring the ability to pre-load on Epic Games Store.

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This has been a problem for users who pre-order their games on the store. It could be fine but since the games are usually timed exclusive, they don’t have a choice but to either wait for a Steam release or get it through the Epic Games Store. Since there is no pre-load, it can lead to a hefty download during launch day that makes it worse if the download size is quite high.

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