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Capcom Considers Dragon’s Dogma An Important Franchise

Dragon’s Dogma was a great open-world action RPG when it launched back on PS3 and Xbox 360. It was a rare project by Capcom who were known for Resident Evil and Devil May Cry series back then.

Dragon’s Dogma had a considerably large budget and was aimed at peasing the same Western audiences that enjoyed Skyrim, Souls series, and more. It, unfortunately, didn’t do that well and sold less than the expectations of Capcom. As a result, any plans for a sequel were canned.

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Despite the failure of the game, it managed to gain a cult following due to its high-quality and unique open world that was never seen in any other game during that time. It was followed up with an expansion called Dark Arisen that added a new dungeon but the series didn’t get anything new for a while.

Capcom then later released an online version of Dragon’s Dogma but it was limited to Japan only. Since then, they have also dropped this online version and the future of the series remains uncertain.

IGN recently had the chance to talk to the director of Dragon’s Dogma, Hideaki Itsuno. He had great success with the recently released Devil May Cry 5 and was potentially working on a new project now that there was no DLC coming for it.

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IGN asked them about the potential and future of Dragon’s Dogma to which Itsuno had an interesting response. “We consider Dragon’s Dogma to be an important franchise… But there’s nothing more I can say right now, ” said Itsuno when asked by IGN regarding the series.

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