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Days Gone Difficulty Modes Explained: How To Play Hard Mode In Days Gone?

Days Gone offers three different difficulty options in the game. If you want to start the game on the hard difficulty, you don’t have to unlock it and can do it right from the beginning. Here’s how you can change the difficulty setting.

Once you start the game, the game will pick Normal as the default difficulty setting. You can’t manually change to hard difficulty once you have picked Normal difficulty mode in Days Gone so you need to do it before properly starting a new game.

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What Are The Difficulty Modes In Days Gone?

There are a total of three difficulty modes offered in Days Gone.

  1. Easy
  2. Normal
  3. Hard

Another one is coming with an update later in June. It will be the Survival Mode difficulty aimed at the fans who have already beaten the game.

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How To Play Hard Mode In Days Gone?

Once you have booted the game, you have to pick up the option of a new game and make sure to select the hard difficulty choice from there. You can lower the difficulty from normal to easy through the options menu, but you can’t start from normal and then switch to hard. You can still drop down to the easy difficulty in the Normal difficulty mode.

Days Gone hard mode will reduce the frequency of resources, increase the combat difficulty of the enemies, and make them take more damage. It will encourage you to explore more and concentrate on saving resources thus playing out a like a survival game. This is not it though, a proper Survival Mode is coming later with an update in June adding even more challenge to the game.

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