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Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC Detailed: Additional Scenario, Secret Boss Fights and More

Kingdom Hearts 3 director and series creator Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed that the game will get a new DLC. There was no release date or price mentioned. Here’s what is coming to the game as additional DLC.

Kingdom Hearts III is getting an additional scenario called “Re:MIND” which might be the final mix version of Kingdom Hearts 3. It is a paid DLC that will add a new story scenario, limit episode, and secret episode. Each of these will come with new boss fights. There will be an option for English VO.

There is free DLC coming to the game as well. It is not something story related but a new Keyblade and new Form, so it might not have as much of an impact as the paid DLC.

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Tetsuya Nomura shared the details of this DLC at the recently held Kingdom Hearts Orchestra event. He didn’t reveal any release date or price for this new DLC but from the details that we know so far, this is going to be Kingdom Hearts 3 Final Mix.

We already knew before the game launched that there will be DLC for it, and the secret ending hints at the future of the series so it was not going to end soon. As for the additional scenario, it has been named “Re:MIND” and not Final Mix like the previous Kingdom Hearts games. The developers have also released a critical mode update recently for Kingdom Hearts 3.

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