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Days Gone Copeland Camp Bug: How To Avoid This Issue and Progress In The Game

Days Gone players are complaining about a bug that appears right in the beginning. This issue happens for a specific reason and we will try to explain how to avoid this issue or make progress in the story after this location.

If you have bought Days Gone, you should know that there is a massive day one update that is available to download for it. If you buy the retail version, you will see that it is just 46 GB on disc and the update can be more than 20 GB. It will start to download automatically while the game is installing from the disc.

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The issues that can occur in Copeland Camp are related to an incomplete installation. This applies to both the game install and the patch. This means if you are downloading the patch and don’t have it installed, you might encounter this bug in the game.

How To Avoid and Fix Days Gone Copeland Camp Bug?

It is actually pretty easy to avoid this bug. If you are stuck at Copeland Camp and can’t progress further in the game, or if you are experiencing the game crashing at Copeland Camp, you can solve this issue by waiting for the game to fully install to the hard disk. You also need to download the Days Gone update 1.04 in order to make sure that there is no incomplete data with the game installed to the hard disk.

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You can also try to close and reload the game, or install it again if you are still experiencing issues in this particular location. Since Days Gone is available for pre-load, the full download size is 60 GB with the update 1.04 included in it.

You will need to download the new update if you pre-loaded the game before the patch was released, and in this case, you will need to get another 13 GB of update data installed to the hard disk.

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