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Days Gone Manual Save: How To Save The Game In Days Gone?

Days Gone has a weird issue with how saving works in the game. Sony Bend Studio has released Days Gone today but some users are reporting that their game is not saving, so here’s how it actually works in the game.

While Days Gone has auto-saving when you meet specific requirements, it won’t allow manual saves so if you close the game in the middle of a mission, you might end up losing your progress. There is a way to avoid this issue and we are here to explain it.

How To Use Days Gone Manual Save?

First, you need to make sure that you create a save slot in Days Gone. You can do it from the options menu. If you have a save slot, you can save the game on it through Decon’s bike or by sleeping in a bed. These are the only two ways for now using which you can perform a manual save. This will help you go back to any point in the game after making a bad decision or getting stuck somewhere.

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You can also use the manual save feature to save your favorite story or gameplay moments and then replay them again. The save slots available for this purpose are limited so make sure to only keep them for special circumstances.

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