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Days Gone Download File Size Is 67 GB, Has a Day One Update

Days Gone download file size has been revealed along with details about the day one update that is available right now. The game is all set to drop for PS4 on April 26.

As we have covered earlier, the review embargo for Days Gone is set for April 25 and the press is getting their hands on review copies this week. The reviews will be out just one day before the release of the game, but this is understandable considering that there are more than 30 hours of story content in Days Gone and it is also an open world game on top of it.

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As the press is getting their hands on the game, the install size for it was revealed along with any day one update for it. According to the early reports, Days Gone reportedly has a 67 GB install size on the PS4 and you should be able to start the game after 27 GB of data is installed.

What Is Included In Days Gone Update 1.02?

The day one update for Days Gone will patch the game to version 1.02. It is available to download right now but we don’t know the download size individually. Combined with the day one update, the game will end up taking 67 GB of hard disk space. There are no patch notes or changelog available for Days Gone update 1.02 for now but we suspect it might be simple bug fixes or the photo mode. It is also possible that as the public launch happens later this month, Sony Bend Studio will release another update 1.03 for Days Gone.

The game is developed by Sony Bend Studio and will be out on April 26, 2019, exclusively for the PS4. The developers have confirmed that they have some unannounced DLC in the works but aren’t ready to reveal it yet.

Source (PlayFront)

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