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Days Gone Early Gameplay Videos Show Bike Customization, Combat, World Map and More

Days Gone early copies are out now so here are some of the videos that we have managed to find out online. They will give you a glimpse of the combat, bike customization, and world map.

Days Gone is a massive open world game that can take 30 hours to complete. As the game is still not out officially and will launch on April 26, there is an embargo in place restricting video uploads for the game. Despite that, it is possible to find videos of the game that are uploaded on various social media platforms.

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Here are a couple of videos from the game that we have managed to discover online. They will give you an idea of the world map, bike customization, and combat.

Days Gone World Map (Not Fully Unlocked Yet)

Map as requested by a few of you. from DaysGone

Days Gone Open World Exploration

Reupload 15 min gameplay from DaysGone

Destroying a Nest

Clearing a nest. from DaysGone

Bike Riding Gameplay

Video Time! from DaysGone

Some bike riding from DaysGone

Half Hour of Gameplay Footage (Text Warning)

If you are curious about Days Gone, we have covered more on the game including its install size, day one update, and the trophies that you can unlock in it. Sony Bend Studio had shared that there might be some unannounced DLC for it in the future but they don’t have anything to announce about it for now.

Days Gone is all set to launch exclusively on the PS4 on April 26, 2019.

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