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Days Gone Open World Design Team Had 5-6 Devs, Has Over 50K Lines of Dialogue

Days Gone is out for more than a week now and it is getting regular post-launch support by Sony Bend Studio. To celebrate the launch month of the game, Sony Bend Studio held an AMA on reddit.

Days Gone is an open world game and while it might be not as massive as some other games in the same genre, it was interesting to know that this world was designed by a developer team of just 5 or 6 people. This information was shared by Eric Jensen, the lead open world designer at Sony Bend Studio.

“The thing I’m most proud of is how diverse and dynamic we were able to make the open world with such a small open world design team (5-6 people), ” said Jensen.

“We had to think smart and efficient with all of our design choices knowing the man power limitations. Seeing all of the crazy videos and screenshots that people have posted of the open world coming for Deacon or even interacting with itself has been incredibly cool for our team to see!”

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One of the questions was regarding how loud Decon can be even when doing stealth segments. According to the Audio Lead, Paul Deakin, this was one of the challenges that they had to face when working on the audio for the game.

“Open world games are challenging to make, due to the very nature of them being open world and unpredictable. It’s really difficult to predict every players’ decision and play style. Having said that, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve how sound is delivered in-game, based on player actions, and that includes dialog, ” says Deakin when explaining the issues that they had to face when creating the open world.

days gone open world

“Days Gone is a big game, and there are over 50,000 lines of dialog. We spent time working with Sam Witwer for delivering context-appropriate dialog and in most cases, it works! There are certainly occasions, like the ones you’ve noted, where you wish Deacon would be a little more conscious of his surroundings and scenario! Having said that, one of our goals was to make sure the player feels a sense of anxiety in situations like stealth… so, Deacon yelling a little louder than expected may keep some players on their toes! Haha!”

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Days Gone was released on April 26, 2019, exclusively for the PS4. It is the first open world game developed by Sony Bend Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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