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Death Stranding Director’s Cut PS5 vs. PS4 vs. PC Comparison: Is The Upgrade Worth It?

Death Stranding Director’s Cut is available soon for the PS5. Since it is a paid upgrade, you might be wondering if it is worth the wait?

The short answer is: it depends. If you are expecting tons of new story content, there don’t appear to be any major additions here. The PS5 upgrade does offer 60 FPS at 4K and a widescreen mode that increases the FOV. It also has some quality-of-life improvements that make the already tedious traveling better.

The visuals are not that huge of a leap from the PS4 or PC. It still looks pretty much the same as the PC/PS4 version. There are four different modes here, as explained by YouTuber ElAnalistaDeBits.

PS4: 1080p 30FPS

PS4 Pro: 2160p 30FPS

PS5: 2160p 60FPS (Quality Mode) / 1800p 60FPS (Performance Mode) / 3840x1620p 60FPS (Ultrawide Quality Mode) / 3200x1350p 60FPS (Ultrawide Performance Mode)

So across the four different modes in Death Stranding Director’s Cut, you still get 60 FPS with a variety of different resolutions. The game manages to retain the frame rate well.

death stranding director's cut

The second big upgrade is for the load times. They have been reduced from more than a minute on the PS4 to less than 5 seconds on PS5. This is a big improvement no matter what, and if we were being honest, it is already worth the upgrade.

Speaking of the Death Stranding Director’s Cut upgrade, if you are planning to transfer your save file, make sure to do it from the PS4 first and then get it accessed on the PS5. The upgrade itself will cost $10 but it has been reported to cost lower at £5 in Europe.

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