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Death Stranding Update 1.09 Released, Get The Details Here

Death Stranding has received a brand new update 1.09 today just after the new year. The last update silently added new content so what about this one?

Death Stranding’s most recent update that launched around the end of December added a new Santa hat to the game. It was available to equip for Norman Reedus in the game. There was no mention of it from developers until fans stumbled on it accidentally in the game itself.

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The update today seems to carry the same patch notes as the previous Death Stranding update. The patch notes are accessible from PS4 list “various performance improvements” without going into detail on what is being fixed or improved here.

This brings us to user feedback after this new update and the Death Stranding subreddit has figured out at least one of the bugs that appear to have been patched out with this new update.

Apparently, it was possible to get out of bounds in the open world of Death Stranding. It was called the “Pee Dash” that let Norman Reedus walk on air and thus get out of bounds on the world map. It can be seen in action in this video.

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Death Stranding is available now exclusively for the PS4. It was already confirmed to launch on PC in Summer 2020 where it will be published by 505 Games. ESRB has also rated it for PC signaling the start of the game’s marketing and PC version launch. It has been confirmed to arrive on both Epic Games Store and Steam.

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