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Detective Pikachu Takes The Lead Over Avengers Endgame In 2nd Week

Pokemon Detective Pikachu is doing great for a movie based on a video game. It might have lost to Avengers Endgame domestically but it is doing great in the international market where it took the lead over the Marvel blockbuster in its second week.

Detective Pikachu was the number one movie this week from the international market where it has grossed $53.8 million from 72 foreign markets. It was followed by Avengers Endgame which gained another $46.8 million bringing the worldwide total over $2.6 billion. It might make it harder for the movie to top the record set by Avatar, which is a feat that seemed possible just a few weeks ago.

John Wick 3 was the new movie this week that has taken the lead in the domestic market. It has created the record for the best opening in the series with $57 million which is impressive since the first movie opened quite low but managed to hold well due to strong word of mouth. John Wick has basically become a brand on its own and it is growing stronger with every movie. It looks similar to how Fast and the Furious series returned after the reboot but John Wick is increasing its presence at a smaller level.

Detective Pikachu has now made more than $287 million worldwide. It has a long way to go before it can claim the throne for the best grossing video game movie. The current champion is Warcraft thanks to its massive success in China followed by Rampage. Detective Pikachu has to make more than $434 million to claim the throne of the best grossing video game movie in Hollywood.

Source (Variety)

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