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Dragon Quest X Offline Has Been Delayed To Summer 2022

Square Enix has delayed Dragon Quest X Offline to Summer 2022 citing further quality improvements as one of the reasons for the delay.

As reported by Yahoo Japan, the company confirmed the delay in a press release citing the need for further quality improvements. It is also possible that the COVID-19 pandemic could be one of the reasons for the delay since it has affected the development of several other projects at Square Enix including Final Fantasy XVI.

“While we’re excited to be able to deliver a compelling standalone experience that doesn’t require a constant Internet connection, the sheer volume of gameplay means that we need more time to ensure the game is ready for launch. The new release date will be in the summer of 2022, ” reads the statement from Square Enix.

“We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to customers who have been eagerly awaiting this title, as well as to everyone involved. We would like to ask for your understanding and patience.”

Dragon Quest X is an online MMO that has never made its way out of Japan. It is being developed as an offline game that takes the story and presents it with new visuals and gameplay while retaining the charm of the online Dragon Quest X MMO. It is confirmed to launch on the PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch, but only in Japan.

Square Enix hasn’t announced a release date or a possible Western localization of the game.

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