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Dreams By Media Molecule For PS4 Has Now Gone Gold

Dreams is an upcoming interactive creation system that is being sold in the disguise of a video game by Media Molecule. It has now gone gold.

Dreams for PS4 was earlier rated by the Australian Game Rating board at the end of November and then Sony announced an official release date for the project during a State of Play presentation in early December. The game has a final release date of February 14, 2020.

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Dreams was developed by Media Molecule who have created critically acclaimed games including Little Big Planet series and Tearaway. Dreams for PS4 is their first project that is launching on the PS4, although we have to ignore the Tearaway port that they released early in the PS4 life cycle. That was simply a port of the Vita game.

Dreams has now gone gold. Media Molecule has shared an official tweet celebrating this announcement of the game going gold on their social media account. In terms of game development structure, going gold means that the game is now ready to be shipped to factories where copies will be made and then distributed to the retail channel.

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Dreams going gold means that there is no further delay possible for the game. It was one of the first announced PS4 exclusives and has taken quite a while to release as we are almost near the end of the PS4 life cycle. The game is launching in the same year as the PS5 but according to Media Molecule, they plan to support it for the next-generation console and beyond.

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