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Elden Ring Concurrent Users Are Bigger In 2nd Week, Has The Potential To Sell 10M On PC

Elden Ring is an absolute beast on PC with the sales of the game setting a new record at its debut, and even continuing it afterward.

From Software might have cracked the formula in making a game that is not only universally praised but also manages to get the attention of gamers all over the world. While they had a lot of success with their older games, they were more of a slow burn and no other games that they have worked on in the past had an explosion in sales like Elden Ring.

While we are waiting for an official word on the sales update for the game, we do have some interesting stats already to consider for the game.

The first thing to remember is that Elden Ring had the biggest debut for a game launch on Steam by From Software. It opened to several times higher than Dark Souls 3, or even Sekiro. The concurrent user count peaked at roughly 850K and this appears to have been surpassed again this week with the concurrent user count recorded at 950K on SteamDB.

Based on the sales trajectory taking a look at the reviews, and from other third-party trackers like SteamSpy and PlayTracker, the game is on its way to well north of 10 million copies. Based on the estimated reviews, the sales have been pegged at 3 to 10M, while on SteamSpy, it has been estimated at 10 to 20 million. These are just early estimates after just one week of sale, but this shows the potential for the game. It will become the first Souls game to achieve a 10 million sales milestone alone on PC. It is also doing great on consoles where it debuted to a record launch in the UK. It was the best debut for a new IP since Destiny in 2014, which is impressive itself. It is also doing well in Japan

Elden Ring ranks number sixth on the all-time concurrent user list on Steam. It is just behind Cyberpunk 2077, which is another blockbuster game that had a record-breaking launch, but unlike Elden Ring, Cyberpunk 2077 didn’t manage to achieve a peak record in its second week.

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