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Epic Is Reportedly Working On A First Person Mode For Fortnite

Epic Games is reportedly working on a first person mode for Fortnite, based on a new rumor. This would be a major change for the game, as it has been playable strictly in third person ever since its launch.

Whether Epic chooses to keep both first person and third person lobbies independent of each other remains to be seen. Offering the option to switch between the two camera perspectives may require some balance changes to the gunplay.

HYPEX, who’s up to date with the latest news regarding Fornite, took to Twitter to reveal that Epic Games has begun working on an update that would introduce a first person camera mode. However, they clarified that there’s no other information available regarding when the new camera perspective would be added to the game.

As of writing, the first person mode appears to be very early in development, and fans won’t be seeing it in action anytime soon in Fortnite. That said, it’s something to keep any eye out for in the future, especially for fans of multiplayer FPS games.

The core gameplay of Fortnite Battle Royale follows the battle royale genre’s conventional design philosopy. The game is usually played with each player alone or in a team of two to four individuals, with up to 100 players taking part in each round. The round begins with players jumping from floating buses (“Battle Bus”) without weapons, then launching a glider into a terrestrial area. Several landmarks and locations (named in an alliterative manner, such as “Lazy Lake,” “Pleasant Park,” and “Retail Row”) on the island’s fixed layout are mostly ghost towns during matches, while a random distribution of weapons, shields, and other combat support features can be found by searching chests scattered throughout buildings and other sites.

The main purpose is to eliminate or avoid other players in order to be the last man or team standing. When playing in single modes, players are removed as soon as their health runs out. Downed players in team games can crawl about while losing health; they can be eliminated by an opponent right away or resurrected by a squadmate who can aid them get back up. Initially, eliminated players were removed from the game, but starting in April 2019, squadmates can try to respawn a downed player at numerous “Reboot vans” strewn about the area, which are few and far between and out in the open, making respawning a squadmate a risk.

The game’s safe zone (which represents the eye of a storm) shrinks with time, and those caught outside of it receive damage. This forces player interactions by directing the remaining players into closer locations. During a match, supply drops will appear in random areas, containing a variety of weapons and equipment. Fortnite Battle Royale, like the original Fortnite game, is played from a third-person perspective.

Muhammad Ali Bari

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