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Epic Games Store: Here Are All Upcoming Rumored Free Games

Epic Games Store has continued to offer free games to its users as an incentive for their store, but their current slate of free games is something else.

Epic began this month with Grand Theft Auto 5 as a free game. It will be available for free from May 14 and can be grabbed for a limited time. It is a high profile game which means that a lot of users flocked to the store to grab it free. It is not the only game that is coming in the next few weeks if we believe this new rumor.

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According to a leaked image shared to reddit, the following games will be available for free through the Epic Games Store. These games will be given in phases as part of the current on-going sale on major games.

Grand Theft Auto 5 was made free on May 14 and will be available to grab until May 21. It will be followed by Civilization 6 on May 21 and Borderlands The Handsome Collection on May 28. The big slate of games will culminate on June 4 with the release of Ark Survival Evolved as one of the free games.

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This is just a rumor for now so it is possible that this is not true. It is still worth mentioning that these games are possibly going to be offered free so avoid buying them if you are interested in playing them on PC.

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