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Ghost of Tsushima File Size Requirement Revealed For PS4

Ghost of Tsushima is one of the most impressive looking games for the PS4. It is out on July 17. Here’s how much hard disk space is required for the game.

Sucker Punch recently shared a deep dive into the gameplay for Ghost of Tsushima. They showed 18 minutes of new gameplay footage giving the players an overview of the exploration in the open world, combat, and customization choices available in the game.

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Ghost of Tsushima is also up for pre-order from the official PlayStation Store and the file size requirement has been confirmed. The minimum file size requirement for GoT is smaller than The Last of Us Part 2, which also ships on two discs. Ghost of Tsushima has a minimum file size requirement of 50 GB, which puts it in the same league as another PS4 exclusive, Days Gone.

While the game is not out until July 17, it is possible that ahead of the launch, there is a day one update that further adds to the file size. Days Gone, for example, had a huge update released on day one that further added to the original file size.

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GoT is being developed by Sucker Punch. They previously worked on inFamous Second Son and First Light for PS4. This is their second project to release for the PS4 and it is a brand new IP.

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