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Fallout 76 Update Today Brings ProSnap Deluxe Camera, Improves Repair Kits and More

Fallout 76 is getting a new update today for Wild Appalachia Patch 8.5. Bethesda Softworks has dropped the patch notes for this update ahead of the scheduled server maintenance for Fallout 76.

Fallout 76 received a new dungeon called “The Burrows” recently in an update. Bethesda Softworks is now following it up with an update that will make it easier to take snapshots in the game using a new camera system.

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This camera system is also part of a new quest that will be implemented along with the update that is set to release today. Here are the highlights of this new update.

  • ProSnap Deluxe Camera: Find and equip this new functional Camera to snap photos more easily than ever before, begin the “Bucket List” quest, and complete Camera-related Challenges!
  • Basic Repair Kits: New single-use consumables that can be used to repair one item to 100% Condition without using any crafting materials. You can visit the Atomic Shop to purchase Basic Repair Kits.
    • Further below, we’ve also shared additional details on our thinking behind adding utility items like this to the Atomic Shop.
  • Improved Repair Kits: New single-use consumables that can be used to buff one item to 150% Condition without using any crafting materials. These are rare items that can be earned by completing some types of in-game content.
  • Balance Adjustments: Aluminum Trays, Oil Cans, and Empty Cans now provide Aluminum when scrapped and we’ve increased their base Cap values.

Repair Kits have started to cause a controversy in the game after Bethesda ended up taking a U-turn on their statement when they said that the game won’t offer any microtransactions aside from cosmetic stuff. Repair kits can be used by purchasing them through the in-game Atomic shop.

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For those who own the game on PS4, this patch will be available as Fallout 76 update 1.14. The official version for every platform is different.

  • PC:
  • PS4:
  • Xbox:

The download size of this new Fallout 76 patch is 2 GB for PS4 and Xbox One and under 1 GB for PC. It should be available to download after the scheduled maintenance ends today. This is a client-side update requiring you to download the patch files before playing the game.

Source (Bethesda)

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