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Bethesda Bans Fallout 76 Player With More Than 900 Hrs Playtime For Having Too Much Ammo

Bethesda apparently has banned a legitimate Fallout 76 player who spent more than 900 hours in the game to farm rare materials, ammo, and other in-game loot. They banned the account for having too much ammo according to the ban report shared by the player.

Reddit user Glorf12 claims to have played more than 900 hours of Fallout 76. He made a thread on Reddit where he detailed his experience with the game after playing it for more than 900 hours. He wrote a guide that explained the farming locations for the various in-game loot including legendary and rare loot. After he made the thread, he was banned by Bethesda Softworks with the following message.

This was apparently against the terms of service for Fallout 76 and they claim that this was done through an exploit. The email does state that depending on a future patch that might fix this exploit, the account will be allowed again but any further violation can lead to a permanent ban.

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The user speculates that his ban might have to do with trading with another secondary account that was used to trade some of the loot that he farmed, and players could have reported him after seeing such a high ranking character trading with a low ranking one.

Another issue was with how the system kept check of the ammo that was owned by him. Due to the weight limit, it was simply not possible for him to keep a stock of more than 100,000 ammo as reported in the ban message. He dropped the ammo to free up inventory space and get over the weight limit but apparently, the system keeps track of every ammo that the player collects in the game.

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Bethesda Softworks has replied back to the user with a message that they want him to file a support ticket so the team can look into the case, but banning such a dedicated player on the chance that he is exploiting in-game doesn’t really paint them in a positive light. It will simply add more to the mess that is Fallout 76 and its launch, and this is not ending any time soon.

Source (Reddit)


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  1. HAppY_KrAToS February 19, 2019

    Instead of fixing the fuking game, they are wasting their time with this kind of shit.

    To me, the problem is, the guy has a ton of ammo and gear, and probably everything was obtained through intense grinding, and he never spent 1 single dollar on microtransactions. In 900 hours. Lol.

    If the guy had played 900 hours, had the same amount of ammo, etc, BUT HAD SPENT 400 of 500 dollars on microtransactions, bethesda wouldn’t be after him.
    He would be in the ‘stupid gamers that even put hundreds of dollars of microtransactions into the game’ list.

    But probably he haven’t spent a dime–> really bad cheater, let’s ban him

  2. LordCancer Kain February 19, 2019

    bethesda is incompetent.

    1. bigevilworldwide February 20, 2019

      Yeah LMFAO how dare that huurrrr durrrrr ban him for exploiting a glitch…Jesus I love when people pretend that a banned player was just treated so poorly, or the autistic hurrrr durrrr dez leftz itz in da gaem….It doesn’t take a degree in rocket science to have the common sense god gave an autistic pile of poop that if you do something wrong in an online game your going to get banned….

  3. 大王 アレクサンダー February 19, 2019

    This guy alone has more hours in the game than the rest of the world combined.

    1. GrimmyReaper February 20, 2019

      Better ban him. Even Bethesda knows playing their game is a waste of time.

  4. thelaughingwiseman February 19, 2019

    There goes half the player base of Fallout 76

  5. Ejs February 19, 2019

    Is Bethesda shitty or is this guy a moron for playing the single worst game of this generation? A room full of idiots never has a great outcome. Shocker.

  6. Hunter February 19, 2019

    Bethesda said he was being banned for collecting too much rare ammo in less than 30 days. This seems correct given that 900 hours of gameplay equates to 37.5 days. So even if he played 24 hours a day for 30 days he couldn’t get to 900 hours.

  7. GrimmyReaper February 20, 2019

    Are the companies in a race to have the worst publicity or something? What’s going on?
    I know these companies never are very consumer friendly but lately it feels like they just really don’t give a fuck about their reputation AT ALL.

  8. angh February 20, 2019

    His fault to play this game…


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