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Final Fantasy XVI Performance and Voice Capture Is Done In English First, Japanese Later

Final Fantasy XVI is the next chapter in the fan-favorite series that is currently in development at Square Enix’s Business Division 3.

The game’s producer, Naoki Yoshida, has commented on the state of the development and how far they have progressed since revealing it back during the Future of Gaming event for the PS5 last year.

During an interview with the Washagana TV show (via), Yoshida talked about the performance and voice capture mentioning that they are about to get it done. They also plan to start Japanese voice capture after some weeks.

final fantasy xvi

Yoshida mentioned that he is usually not directing the voice and performance capture behind the scenes. He didn’t do it for Final Fantasy XIV despite being on the development team for eight years, and he doesn’t plan to do it with Final Fantasy XVI.

“I’ve decided that I won’t be there for ‘FFXVI’ either, because I’m not the one writing the scenario, ” said Yoshida. “This time, English was used first. I was particularly particular about recording in British English.”

He mentions that their English voice acting and performance capture is ahead right now and they plan to start soon with the Japanese voice acting and performance capture. Earlier this month, we also heard about the game’s script and voice recording are in the final stage of development.

Final Fantasy XVI has been rumored to get a release in 2022. It was first revealed back in 2020 but according to a report, it has been in development for far longer.

Final Fantasy 16 will be exclusively released for the PS5. It was also confirmed for the PC but its release date on PC remains uncertain so it could arrive after some time when the game launches on the PS5. This is the first game from Square Enix’s Business Division 3, which previously worked on the MMO Final Fantasy XIV.

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