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Fire Emblem Three Houses DLC Won’t Affect Main Story, Will Be Something “Fairly Big”

Fire Emblem Three Houses for Nintendo Switch is finally out now so here are some details on the game’s expansion DLC. The developers consider it something “big” that won’t tie to the main game.

Fire Emblem Three Houses will get an expansion pass. Nintendo had shared some details on it on their official eShop page for the expansion pass. The expansion pass will get new DLC in four different content updates. The last update for the Expansion Pass is expected to arrive on April 2020. This one will add some new story content to the game.

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In a large interview of the Fire Emblem Three Houses that was published by Famitsu and translated by Nintendo Everything, we learn that this story content might not tie in with the main game in any way. It will work as a spin-off to the story featured in the game.

fire emblem three houses dlc story details

Genki Yokota is a director on the Fire Emblem series and he was interviewed by Famitsu regarding the various stages of development for the game. He dropped the following comment regarding the new story content that is a part of the Expansion Pass.

These will be spin-offs that won’t affect the main story or the post-game either. We’re also thinking about introducing some new characters. We’re talking something fairly big here, so I think fans might have to wait a while. Also, aside from the expansion pass there will be a free update post-launch to add a new ‘Lunatic’ difficulty. Again, there might be a bit of a wait for this, but I think skilled players can definitely look forward to it.

So there will be some free updates but the Expansion DLC will release in waves. The last wave will include a major story content update but to get more details on it, fans will have to wait a while. The main story is already long enough with the main story taking roughly 80 hours to complete, and this is for just one of the three houses in the game.

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